SMOKE: Difference between mobile-source and onroad mobile sources in area source?


I have a domestic (Korean) mobile emission list which has annual emissions (kg/year) and no activity value. Which should I use MBINV(ORL format) or onroad ARINV(FF10 format)? I don’t understand difference between mobile-source and onroad mobile sources in area source.

My mobile source data is


Thank you.

ORL is an old format. FF10 nonpoint supports additional pollutants than ORL, so we recommend FF10. You would need to use a version of SMOKE that supports FF10 of course. You can treat mobile source inventories as a nonpoint format and process it that way instead of running SMOKE-MOVES.

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I will try to convert my mobile source to onroad FF10 format of area source.
Thank you for your comment.

I have a question about surrogate of road. In my case of not running SMOKE-MOVES, should surrogate of road (“Total Road Miles”) be weighted by its length?

setenv WEIGHT_FUNCTION length

or should only area be used?


We used the VMT (vehicle mileages travelled) by multiplying AADT (Annual Average Density Traffic) with the road length. You can compute VKT (vehicle kilometer travelled) if you have AADT and its road length.