SMOKE RUN for the 36US3 grid - EPA2016v1 platform

I am exploring the SMOKE scripts For the 2028fh_16j, I can see ‘directory_definitions.csh’ file which is for the 12US1
directory_definitions.csh.TXT (3.9 KB)

Screenshot from 2021-05-20 09-05-19

But I can see the pre-merged output file has files for the 36US3
Screenshot from 2021-05-20 09-09-16

and in the ge_dat/gridding/griddesc_lambertonly-18jan2019_v7.txt there are two 36 grid, one is 36US1_148X112 and another is 36US3

So, my question is:

If I want to get 36US3 files as EPA, what changes I need to make in the ‘directory_definitions.csh’ file?
Do I just make following changes (specially for the ’ REGION’ & ‘REGION_IOAPI_GRIDNAME’ variable?
Screenshot from 2021-05-20 09-27-32

Thanks in advance

There is some information on running for other grids here:

Let us know if you have further questions after reviewing this.

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Thank you for the reference. What I understand for the 36US3 grid for ‘ptnonipm’ run I don’t need to update MCIP met data ( MCIP meteorology data is not included in the package. This is used for the onroad, onroad_ca_adj, dust (afdust/othafdust/othptdust), and biogenics (beis) sectors.)

And only change I need to make is in the ‘REGION_IOAPI_GRIDNAME’ to 36US3 as it is same name as in the GRIDDESC file.

Yes, there is no met data needed for ptnonipm and you should just need to change the grid name to 36US3

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Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your help.