Customized 4km Domain for SMOKE


EPA’s 2016v1platform has 36km and 12km domain SMOKE set-up. Using the same emission inputs, I want to create SMOKE output files for a customized domain (4km grid cells) that is not available in the griddesc_lambertonly_18jan2019_v7 file.

I have added following lines for my domain in the griddesc_lambertonly_18jan2019_v7 file:

‘LAM_40N97W’, -90000.000, -1284000.000, 4000.000, 4000.000, 280, 308, 1

Then I created several SMOKE outputs using the same inputs that are available in the SMOKE folder in The simulation is successful.

I was wondering if anyone could provide me feedback/suggestions about the process I used for the 4km grid cells run.

Is the procedure to generate finer grid cells data right?. Is there any other way to simulate SMOKE for a customized grid domain?

Thank you

There are instructions related to running on your own grid here:

Although this is for the 2017 platform many of the principles apply.

Note that the 2016 platform includes 4km surrogates (starting with CONUS4) that you could use for your own 4km grid if your grid has the same Lambert projection:

It wasn’t clear if you used those.

The 2016v2 platform has some updates from 2016v1 in that it uses more data from 2017 NEI, onroad from MOVES3, and some new methods.

Sorry for the late reply. So, I have gathered following information from the link you provided:

  1. MCIP (meteorology) data is needed for the sectors onroad, onroad_ca_adj, dust, and biogenics.
  2. XPORTFRAC is required for the afdust, othafdust, and othptdust sectors.

The only changes are required for all other sectors are: modifying GRIDDESC and surrogates.

For example: (ptegu sector)
I have modified GRIDDESC for a 4km domain

And then I modified surrogate file location for the 4km

SMOKE run is completed without any issues. But I have some questions:

  1. I see there are lots of surrogates file for each domain. For example for the 4km

Which one to use? I am using USA_100_NOFILL.txt. What are the differences between files?. Is there any document for that?

  1. How do I check whether my SMOKE run is successful?
  2. Do I have to modify srgdesc_CONUS12_2017NEI_17dec2019_13may2021_v3.txt file for the 4km?

Thank you so much for your kind suggestions and help

Surrogates aren’t typically used for point source sectors so I’m not sure
Are you using the EPA run scripts by sector from one of the platforms such as the ones provided here?

These are the starting point before customizing for other grids as needed.

There is more information about the general process to run SMOKE for 2017 here:

Yes, I am using exactly the same scripts provided in 2016v2 platform except the change I mentioned in comment#3 for the 4km domain.

I am following the instructions from here . And I just wanted to be sure if my approach is correct. And wanted to know more about what each surrogates files (comment#3) mean.

Thanks in advance

What sector(s) is your question specific to and what script?

I have used ptegu sector as an example. The run is completed without any error. The setting I used is attached in comment#3 .

I just wanted to know if my approach is correct or not.

Thank you so much for the suggestions