SMOKE:Run time setting, Error in netCDF reading time step flag


I have issue with the runtime setting. I have observation data from 2023, so I want to run simulation to compare with my observation data. I already I WRF output data for 2023. So I’m thinking to run SMOKE scripts based on my meteorological year which is 2023. Then I did the following change with the this run script: Monthly_ag_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh
Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 4.47.24 PM (2)

then I run this script, but got the follow error:
Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 4.49.39 PM (2)

But, when I did the same editing of running time for the Annual_rwc_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh script,
it works well and have emission out put of 2023 for rwc.

Any thought on this issue? Thanks!

You are trying to model 2023 (as in met year=2023) but the Gentpro profiles are for a different year. The easiest solution is to use m3tshift to change the dates in the ATPRO_HOURLY_NCF file to 2023. This will effectively mean using met-based profiles from 2017 in 2023. Since you don’t have a full year of met data for 2023, running Gentpro for 2023 to produce a new ATPRO_HOURLY_NCF is not straightforward.