OUTPUT_LOCAL_TIME "Y" for c1c2 c3 in NEI2017 emf run script


I have a quick question. I am not sure why OUTPUT_LOCAL_TIME “Y” for cmv_c1c2 cmv_c3 in NEI2017 EMF run script. Could I know the reason for this?
If run model using emission with GMT, I should set OUTPUT_LOCAL_TIME “N", right?

Thank you.

Because the hourly data is already in GMT. When OUTPUT_LOCAL_TIME is set to “Y” it passes through the hourly temporalized values without a time zone adjustment. So, even though it says OUTPUT_LOCAL_TIME it is really outputting GMT.

Thank you for your reply.
Is it still output GMT if I delete this flag for cmv but still with setenv OUTZONE “0”?

No. If you set it to N, then SMOKE will think CMV hourly inventory is in local time and apply the time shift So you need to set it to Y for CMV processing

Thank you for your reply.
If set N, which time zone will it shift to? or which flag will decide the time zone it shifts to?

Here is the information on how the time zones are handled in SMOKE. Temporal program will perform the time shift by FIPS (county/state/county).

Why are you considering changing it?

I deleted this flag when I ran CMV, then merged emission, converted and ran WRF/Chem before. Just wanted to make sure although I deleted this flag, I set OUTZONE is “0”, will it time shift to GMT, so I don’t have to rerun.
Anyway, I think I need to rerun CMV and redo those things.
Thank you for your and bbaek’s reply!