SMOKE-TestCase v5.0. MCIP output for July 2017 12US1 domain is not included

Dear CMASCENTER FORUM specialists,

I am trying to run SMOKE-TestCase v5.0, with GitHub - CEMPD/SMOKE-TestCase: Scripts for the SMOKE Test Case,
it said “MET_ROOT : Full path of MCIP (meteorology) files (in the tarball with inputs above, MCIP output for July 2017 12US1 domain is not included, so for our TestCase downoald 12US1 inputs and link to someplaceinyoursystem/mcip)”

Could you please provide me the link to downoad this MCIP file for July 2017 12US1 domain.

Thank you.

I believe that the mcip data you need is available on the CMAS Data Warehouse on AWS.

Please see the following readme file for information for how to download the files using the aws s3 cp command or you can download from your browser.

The data is using netCDF-4 compression, denoted by the file extension of .nc4.

To use these files, you can build the netCDF and I/O API libraries following these instructions.

I did find July 2017 12US1 MCIP data using kind (netcdf -k) of netcdf-classic.

I will upload it to an S3 Bucket and let you know when it is available.

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I’ve uploaded the MCIP data for the SMOKE Test Case to this s3 bucket.

Please review the readme instructions for how to download the data.

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Dear Dr Lizadams,

Thank you very much for your answer to my post,
Hopefully this testcase will be the cornerstone point and
precious document for us to learn how to manipulate the SMOKE programm afterward.

Thank you very much.