Something went wrong when reading the general specs of emission file namelist in CMAQ emission file

Hi, I am quite new to the CMAQ. I am running CMAQ version 5.3.3 together with fire emissions from FINNv1.5. However, I have some problems running it because it goes wrong when reading the general specs of the emission file namelist, and the default value has been assumed.

Here is the log.file, cctm script that I am running and the PTFIRE file

CCTM_LOG.txt (448.4 KB)
run_cctm_2019_bbPM.csh (35.5 KB)
header of PTFIRE_d01_2019248.txt (14.4 KB)

Can someone advise me on this? Thanks

The log file is saying that an error occurred in reading the emissions control file, which is specified via this line in your run script:
setenv EMISSCTRL_NML ${BLD}/EmissCtrl_${MECH}.nml
Check to see whether that file exists. If you have modified it, check for errors.

Since you are new to CMAQ, you may wish to update to CMAQv5.4, released in October 2022. In CMAQv5.4, the emissions control file has been split into two files, controlled by separate environment variables, DESID_CTRL_NML and DESID_CTRL_CHEM_NML.

A colleague pointed out that it is possible that the assumption of default values for those parameters is appropriate, and that your run is ok. The log file (see section beginning ‘EMISSIONS SCALING DIAGNOSTIC’) indicates that the emissions control file was found, and that gridded and point source emissions files were found.
Nonetheless, I recommend tracking down the cause of that warning message. If you post the emissions control file, we may be able to tell what is triggering the warning, and whether it is significant or can be safely ignored.

The EmissCtrl_${MECH}.nml exists and I did not change anything. Actually, I run the CMAQ with two different FINN files. One with the original FINN data and another one with the adjusted FINN data that factor by 3. However, the CMAQ output for both were similar. So from that, I try to track down where it goes wrong actually. Supposedly the CMAQ output for adjusted FINN should have some change in the output concentration.

Here is my EmissCtrl_${MECH}.nml file.
EmissCtrl_cb6r3_ae7_aq.txt (31.0 KB)

Looking at the files you posted this morning, specifically at the HISTORY and NCO attributes of the PTFIRE file, it seems you may have made some modifications to XORIG and YORIG as part of your processing of FINN fires.

The location of the fires in the domain defined by GRIDDESC is determined by the XLOCA and YLOCA variables in the file. If you indeed made some modifications to XORIG and YORIG, you would need to make corresponding modifications to XLOCA and YLOCA to make sure the fires retain their correct location.

You could use the DESID diagnostic emission output file feature to write out emissions from your PT_FIRES stream to confirm that these emissions were read in and processed correctly by the CCTM.

I believe the “something went wrong” error messages stem from those sections of the namelist (ChemicalFamilies, StreamFamilies, RegionFamilies) being commented out. This seems ok. I believe you could remove the warnings by uncommenting those sections, either leaving those family definitions defined but unused, or changing to set NChemicalFamilies, NStreamFamilies, and NRegionFamilies to 0.

The model uses XLOCA and YLOCA in the point source stack groups file, together with XORIG and YORIG as specified in GRIDDESC, to determine into what horizontal grid cell to place the emissions. A plume rise calculation then determines into what vertical layer(s) to place the emissions.
You don’t say how you created the FINN files, but based on the history and attributes, it appears you have used your own custom tools rather than SMOKE. “Faking” IOAPI files outside of using the IOAPI interface is possible, but difficult to do correctly, and errors in how the data are being interpreted and read into a complex model can be challenging to diagnose.
I highly recommend turning on the DESID diagnostic file for the PT_FIRES stream. For CMAQv5.3.3, this is done via:

setenv STK_EMIS_DIAG_001 2DSUM

(this will produce column totals; 3D files are also possible, but take up a lot of space)
This diagnostic file will let you determine whether you are getting the FINN emissions into the model as you expect.

It sounds like you created two sets of FINN input files, one of which has values 3x the other. I’ll note that scaling point source emissions by a constant factor is exactly what DESID is designed to do. See the documentation. This effect could be achieve using a rule like this:

! Region      | Stream Label  |Emission | CMAQ-        |Phase/|Scale |Basis |Op  
!  Label      |               |Surrogate| Species      |Mode  |Factor|      |
'EVERYWHERE'  , 'PT_FIRES'      ,'All'    ,'All'         ,'All' ,3.0  ,'UNIT','m',
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I modified the PTFIRE and STKFIRE files but still received a similar warning.
header of STKFIRE_d01_2019248.txt (6

Please see the latest post by @cgnolte, specifically his suggestion to turn on the DESID diagnostic files to help you verify that your FINN fire files have been processed correctly and can be read in by CMAQ as you expect.