Standalone domain WRF Run for Nested Domain

Hello everyone,

I was running WRF in nested simulation for 12km,4km and 1.33km domain. Here are my namelist.wps and namelist.input file.
namelist.input.txt (3.9 KB)
namelist.wps.txt (898 Bytes)

Now I want to run WRF for the last domain only (1.33km)(Using Max_Dom = 1). How can I change my namelists so that I can generate the result for my last domain only (Not nested)? Or is it possible to keep the same namelist and run for the last domain only instead of all the 3 domains?



If you already created your WPS output and your “real” files, then you can modify namelist.input.txt to run only your 1.33-km domain by making the following changes:

  1. For items in the namelist where you have three columns, generally you will move the information from the third column to the first column except as indicated below. These are domain-specific settings.

  2. In the “domains” section of the namelist, you will need to change “max_dom” to 1 (to have only one domain).

  3. In the “domains” section of the namelist, all of the settings that are currently in the first column from “grid_id” to “parent_grid_ratio” should remain unchanged for a standalone domain. These settings are used to geolocate and reference the levels of nesting relative to the other domains.

  4. If you are only running a single domain, the extra information in columns where you currently have three columns will be ignored by WRF based on “max_dom”.

You may find more helpful information on running WRF from NCAR, as they maintain that model. You can check Chapter 5: WRF Model for more information.

Hope this helps.

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