Stream Lable in ISAM

Dear all,

I am trying to use the ISAM v5.3.3 to calculate the contribution of different sources (e.g. industry or transportation) to PM2.5, which lead to setting the Stream Label in the control script. I am using SMOKE v3.5 (not the platform) to prepare the offline gridded emission files, in the final step of SMOKE all emission of the sources was merged into one large gridded file. If there is a way to add the Stream Label to offline gridded emission files? Or maybe I need to prepare the different source into different files, if that’s the case, how to configure the ISAM scripts accordingly?

Thanks a lot!


Each source you want to track needs to be defined through its own emissions file. Typically, you can use “pre-merged” files from SMOKE for this purpose. Just be sure to not also use the merged file in the same simulation. Basically - keep your accounting straight and do not double count any sourcers. Then, the stream labels are defined through the runscript in the typical base CMAQ fashion.


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