The SA create shapefile failure, but it is no other error message

  • Can someone give me a hint,Thx

Please provide the following information to help us debug this issue:

I added the answers based on the log file you provided, but please verify that this is correct.

  1. The Spatial Allocator Script you are running


  1. The inputs to the script you are using
  2. Commands you are using to submit the job. Are you running interactively, submitting to a queue?
  3. Describe what you are trying to do.

The default script provided with Spatial Allocator is available here:

It uses the following settings:
setenv GRID_PROJ “+proj=lcc +a=6370000.0 +b=6370000.0 +lat_1=33 +lat_2=45 +lat_0=40 +lon_0=-97”
setenv GRID_ROWS 299
setenv GRID_COLUMNS 459
setenv GRID_XMIN -2556000.0
setenv GRID_YMIN -1728000.0
setenv GRID_XCELLSIZE 12000
setenv GRID_YCELLSIZE 12000
setenv GRID_SHAPEFILE_NAME …/output/conus_cmaq12km.shp

You are using
lat_1=36, lat_2=46, lat_0=42 log_0=126

t looks like you are specifying a 27km x 27km in the xCellsize, yCellsize, but generating output for a 12km shapefile. Can you try renaming the output shapefile, and then rerunning the script.
setenv GRID_SHAPEFILE_NAME …/output/conus_cmaq27km.shp

Perhaps there is a permission issue in deleting the provided conus_cmaq12km.shp file in the output directory.
Please also verify that there is an output directory one level up from where you are running the script.

emmm,this is also what I ran with the script below, without any other hints. :fearful: