Unable to run pre-compiled executables

I am trying to install SMOKEv4.5, and when I run the precompiled executables I get the message:
“Please verify that both the operating system and the processor support Intel® SSE4_1, SSE4_2 and POPCNT instructions.”

Does this mean I will need to compile the smoke executables? Or is it possible there is a different problem?

I am testing by going into the executables directory and running them with no variable input (which works for other SMOKE distributions). The older versions of SMOKE on this server work fine, but the old precompiled executables were downloaded as “PG” instead of “IFORT”. When I go to download Portland Group precompiled executables for SMOKE 4.5, the link still points to IFORT. Not sure if that is the problem.

The server is running CentOS 6.10 with x86_64 architecture and Intel Xeon CPU.

Thank you

Hi Farren, since SMOKE version 3.7, I have been releasing the SMOKE precompiled executables with intel compiler although there is an option for a different compiler like PG. Yes, unfortunately, you need to compile the SMOKE on your server. Since SMOKEv4.5, our UNC cluster Linux OS have been updated and the precompiled executables won’t run on older Linux OS.
Here is recent bug ticket related to this issue.