Undefined reference to `ucp_request_free' when compiling BLDMAKE_intel.exe

I had successfully compiled netcdf-4.1.3, ioapi-3.2 and cmaq-5.3.3 using mvapich2-2.3a/intel_17.2 in the past. Now, I am trying to compile the same versions of netcdf, ioapi and cmaq using mvapich2-2.3.3/intel_19.4 compiler. NetCDF and IO/API compiled fine, but while trying to build CCTM.exe with the command $ ./bldit_cctm.csh intel |& tee build.cctm.log, I get this error:

if ( 0 ) then
set text = util
echo // options are util
echo Module util/util;
set text = diag
echo // options are diag
echo Module diag;
set text = stm
echo // options are stm
echo Module stm;
set text = cio
echo // options are cio
echo Module cio;
if ( 0 ) then
unalias mv rm
if ( 1 || ! -f /proj/cmaqv533_newos_03jul2022/CMAQ_Project_03jul2022/UTIL/bldmake/bldmake_intel.exe ) then
cd /proj/cmaqv533_newos_03jul2022/CMAQ_REPO/UTIL/bldmake/scripts
mkdir: created directory ‘/proj/cmaqv533_newos_03jul2022/CMAQ_Project_03jul2022/UTIL/bldmake’
rm: No match.
/nas/longleaf/apps-dogwood/mpi/hpcx/hpcx-v1.9.7-gcc-MLNX_OFED_LINUX-4.0- undefined reference to `ucp_request_free'

 ***ERROR*** BLDMAKE Compile failed


What could be causing this ‘undefined reference’ error?

This looks like a gcc-library reference.

Are you sure you built everything with an active module load intel<whatever> ?

Hi @cjcoats , I double checked and indeed intel modules are loaded:

Currently Loaded Modules:
  1) intel/19.4   2) mvapich2_2.3.3/intel_19.4

Sometimes, I have to reload the modules, in order to get the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other paths to work correctly. If that doesn’t work, please contact your system administrators or IT help desk.