Verdi (cross-section plot in script)

I want to draw cross-section plots with the command. (-verticalCrossPlot X|Y <row/column> (NEW))
But I am confused about using it.
Can you give me any example of a cross-section plot?

This is my script.

[-verticalCrossPlot X|Y <row/column> (NEW)] creates a vertical cross-section plot. You indicate whether this will be an x or y cross-section plot and what row or column to use as the base.

Please try using the latest version of VERDI, version 2.1.4.

Please also use quotations for the inputs. I will fix this in the documentation.

-verticalCrossPlot β€œX” β€œ3” \

This creates an X cross section plot for Column 3.

I am attaching an image that shows the comparison between selecting only Column 3 in a tile plot, and the corresponding vertical cross section plot.

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-verticalCrossPlot β€œY” β€œ3”
Is this command for Row?

Yes, according to this syntax, to obtain a vertical cross section plot along the Y axis or row you would use:
-verticalCrossPlot β€œY” β€œ3”

I’ve modified the user documentation as follows:
-verticalCrossPlot X|Y <column/row>

How can I use subdomain for corssplot?
[-subDomain ] sets the VERDI domain matching the currently selected dataset to the bounding box specified by its arguments. The currently selected dataset is the most recently added dataset. It is often handy to type -subdomain commands into VERDI’s standard input if you are trying to select a very precise subdomain (such as that needed for a vertical cross-section plot).

I tried to use with the same command that I used for tile plot.

It is not working with this error