How can I use subdomain command for crossplot in verdi?

[-subDomain ] sets the VERDI domain matching the currently selected dataset to the bounding box specified by its arguments. The currently selected dataset is the most recently added dataset. It is often handy to type -subdomain commands into VERDI’s standard input if you are trying to select a very precise subdomain (such as that needed for a vertical cross-section plot).

I tried to use with the same command that I used for tile plot.

It is not working with this error

Thank you for reporting this issue.
I have added it to the list of items that need to be addressed by the developers.

I know it is possible to use subDomain and it is not working with verticalCrossPlot, right?
If so, is needed to be changed for this command.

But the funny thing is that it is possible to use subDomain with verticalCross Plot in GUI version.

So is there any solution of this command? or no