Where can I change emissions import ratio between Aitken and accumulation?

I want to know where can I change Emission default settings.
Simulated fine particle number concentrations by CMAQ, as initial ratio of particle emissions in the Aitken (Ei) and accumulation (Ej) modes.


I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but I believe you want to change the splits for ‘FINE_REF’ in em_aero_ref in AERO_DATA.F.

Emission input for Fine particles in CMAQ distributes Aitken and Accumulation modes as 0.001:0.999.
I am not sure I can change the number of ratios in CMAQ.

You are correct that fine particle emissions used to be apportioned by mass in ratios of 0.001:0.999.
However, this was changed with CMAQv5.1, released in November 2015. Since then we have used a 0.1:0.9 ratio, as shown in the table in AERO_DATA.F referenced above.


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Oh! I had old knowledge. I have checked it!

Thank you very much!!