Where is libnetcdf.a and libnetcdff.a in NetCDF?

I am trying to finish the step-8 from here Availability/Download of the BAMS/Models-3 I/O API
of I/O API 3.2 installation. Also, step-8 in the readme file from I/O APIV3.2 (attached). The step-8 is related to NetCDF library.

I have installed netcdf-Fortran 4.2 and netcdf for Linux Centos 7. When I use
nc-config --libs and nf-config --libs, I get lnetcdf and lnetcdff.

But according to step-8 in the above link " Acquire and build the netCDF library, libnetcdf.a (and libnetcdff.a for netCDF-4.1 or later), for each configuration. The netCDF home page is Unidata | NetCDF For each configuration,copy or link the resulting libnetcdf.a (and libnetcdff.a, if you’re building netCDF version 4.1 or later) to the appropriate object directory $BASEDIR/${BIN}"

And Step-8 from read me file "get Netcdf (for netcdf, get both netcdf-fortran and netcdf-c) and build “libnetcdf.a” ".

How can I built “libnetcdf.a” and “libnetcdff.a” and link/copy to the I/O API $BIN folder?


README.txt (7.7 KB)

For each of these, go to its top level directory and do the command
find . -name '.a’*
to find out where the netCDF build-system has stashed the library.

Sorry, that probably needs to go into the instructions…

Thank you so much. I got this
[root@adeq /]# find -name ‘libnetcdf.a’
[root@adeq /]# find -name ‘libnetcdff.a’

Perhaps I wasn’t clear that “its top level directory” meant the top-level directory of that netCDF C or Fortran build…

(8) in the I/O API installation instructions says "Pick one of each, and copy it to the relevant ioapi3-2/${BIN} directory. At a guess, you might pick

Thank you so much.

I did that.