2016 NEI platform: Mobile sector error: Unexpected temperature value in emission factors at line

Hi. I am running NEI platform 2016, the mobile sector, only for school bus sub-sectors. I trimmed all the input files, available at https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2016*/, for 2016fj, for vehicle type 43, which is the school bus code. When running, I keep getting a **** ERROR ABORT in subroutine RDRPDEMFACS Unexpected temperature value in emission factors file at line 10756 error for rateperdistance_smoke_aq_cb6_saprc_20210217_2016-20210219_1097_1.csv file. The temperature at that line is 105. Any suggestion will be helpful.

What meteorological data are you using? If you are using the 2016fj case, that is part of the 2016v2 platform.

Did you change anything else besides filtering activity data for school buses?

Did you also filter the emission factor tables?

Can you upload the log file and standard output that you have when you run it?

Thanks for your response. I downloaded the NEIC 2016 beta (2016ff), CMAQ-ready MCIP data (12US2) from IWDW. Yes, it is 2016v2 platform I am using.
I filtered activity data, emission factor tables, and mtref temporal ancillary file.
The log files are here

Can you please try running Movesmrg with the original unfiltered emission factor tables? If they want to run school buses only, you only need to filter the activity data, not the other files. Movesmrg will ignore the emission factors for all nonexistent SCCs. We suspect some data was corrupted when you filtered the EF tables.

Thanks. I’m so sorry for not updating this thread earlier. I wanted to let you know that I’ve managed to identify and fix the issue. As you suggested, the problem was indeed from corrupted “eftables”. The suspicion was spot on: during the filtering process, some data had gone astray and corrupted one of my EF tables: “NUM_TEMP_BIN” was copied from previous file and was 19 instead of 21. Many thanks.

Great – glad to hear that you figured it out…