Errors in using NEI 2016fh platform

Hi all,

Thanks for reading. I was trying to use NEI 2016/v1/2016fh_16j platform to model the emissions on 2016 but I got a wired error message when running AG sector.

I used script Monthly_ag_12US1_2016fh_16j.csh to run the first step and the error came up as shown in (8.0 KB)
“ERROR: Running smk_run for part 1 in jul_2016
inlog = /scratch/general/lustre/copycky/data/nei/2016/air/emismod/2016/v1//2016fh_16j/intermed/ag/logs/smkinven_ag_jul_2016fh_16j.log”

I checked the smkinven_ag_jul_2016fh_16j.log file but it shows smkinven normal completed. I can’t find error from this log file. Anyone know how to do with it?
smkinven_ag_jul_2016fh_16j.log.txt (375.9 KB)

Hope to receive your help. Thanks.


You are correct that there is no issue from Smkinven run. I could be wrong but looks like you may have a problem running a (python script) that scans the log files from SMOKE program to determine whether the run is successfully or not. Do you load the python module for the log_analyzer?

Thanks for your reply.

I did load python module. May I turn off the log analyzer if the smkinven runs well. I assume it might not necessary to run log_analyzer if all smoke simulation runs well.

One more quick question. In my another test run for ptfire. I got same log file that smkinven normal complete but the output shows many errors related to the duplicate records. Is it the same issue that doesn’t mean the model not running successfully?

You can disable the log analyzer if that is the source of your issue

Thanks for your response. It seems that the model runs well except the log analyzer. May I ask where can I find the on/off option of log analyzer and duplicate checker?

Duplicate sources, which means any time a certain set of source IDs (FIPS/SCC/pollutant for area sources, facility/unit/rel_point/process/SCC/poll for point sources) appears more than once in an inventory, are normal. If RAW_DUP_CHECK = N (that’s our default setting), then Smkinven will report those as warnings rather than as errors.

There isn’t a quick way to turn off the log analyzer although if you keep it on it will search for warning messages which might need to be investigated.

If I don’t turn off the log analyzer, once I got the similar log files as I show in previous chat box, is it mean my simulations are done successfully?

If all SMOKE program-specific log files said that all runs completed normally, then yes, your simulations are done successfully.

Thanks for your response, it really solve my problems.


One more question. I run the one-time and day script for the ptfire and the simulations are successfully completed except the log analyzer. But I can’t find the output except the pday_ptfire.ncf, I assume it supposed to generate a emission file under the premerge directory. Is it correct to have pday file after run the Annual_ptfire_daily script?

pday_ptfire.ncf output file is created by Smkinven program after it processed the daily fire inventories. It holds the daily fire inventory you processed in that run. Because it is an intermediate output file form Smkinven, you should be able to find it under “2016fh_16j/intermed/ag/” folder under your case folder. You can also find the exact location information from Smkivne_daily_log output file.

It seems the script only run smkinven and been cut out due to the error of log analyzer, remain the rest module undone. I can only find the log file for smkinven in the log directory but not any other module. Is there anything I should modify to run the rest module such as smkmerge and spcmat et al,?

Never mind this issue, I found that it is due to my system configurations.