2028 regional haze CMAQ output

Hey all,

In 2019 EPA released a 2028 RHR TSD. Recently, I am looking into the changes of PM2.5 and NOx from 2016 to 2028 at certain locations, is there a place/FTP site where I can find 2028 RHR CMAQ/CAMx outputs and 2016 emission modeling platform CMAQ or CAMx outputs?



Hey Joey,

The RH CAMx outputs are only available via hard drive and on request. This process takes a bit of time.

Separately, it’s possible that looking at the emissions platform would be sufficient in this case. Those data are available online at the following link:

Chris, @cmisenis

Thanks for the information, I will take a close look into 2016v7.2. However, I wonder there are some secondary pollutants which cannot be linearly projected to 2028 by emission data for some locations.

If I do need the CAMx outputs, are you the contact person?

Thank you again for this helpful information.


Yes, just reach out via my EPA email address if you need CAMx outputs for the RH cases. Like I said, it’ll just take a little bit of time (a couple weeks, usually) to get everything sorted for that.

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