AMET could not keep going with missing obs data

I am running AMETv1.4 for 6 months (START_DATE: 2017-04-01, END_DATE: 2017-09-30) to evaluate WRF model performance. AMET is crashed due to the following error found at scripts_db/$project_name/log.populate.surface. AMET should be skipping to next time if obs data is missing. I have no idea why AMET stopped and exited here. I would appreciate for any help.

MADIS FILE NOT Found: /data/amet/AMET_v14/obs/MET/point/metar/netcdf/20170426_1800 for time: 20170426 18:00:00
Skipping to next time
Error in paste(“rm”, gzname) : object ‘gzname’ not found
Calls: madis_surface → system → paste
Execution halted
Date/Time END

Feng Liu,

This may have been a case that was fixed in the AMET release in 2022.

However, you can likely fix this on your end by modifying the function that reads surface MADIS files.


Function is “madis_surface”

The line identified below should be commented out. It is trying to delete a MADIS obs file that is compressed. I had this as a protective measure because at least in our experience on our system, the autoftp would sometimes create an empty file locally for MADIS files that are missing in the directory where the script was ran. This worked on our system, but evidently kills the R script in your environment. We fixed this in AMETv1.5 by looking at the size of the file, not just its existence. Anyhow, in your case, you should be able to comment out this and be fine.




Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. It works well now that I have commented out one line in accordingly.

I will be transitioning to the new version of the AMET, v1.5, as it includes updated features and improvements that will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of my model performance evaluation work.


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Feel free to reach out any time Feng. Appreciate your interest in AMET.

Just a FYI, we have a new AMET GUI that is built using Java. It was built for the evaluation scripts once a user does the model-observation matching set.

Would you be interested in running before we release it as a test user? We are looking for 3-5 external researchers to test. It would be perhaps a month from now.



Hello Rob,

Thank you for sharing the information about the progress of AMET development. I appreciate the update.

I am thrilled to hear about the AMET GUI and would love to become a test user. Your package for testing sounds exciting, and I am looking forward to trying it out.

Thank you again for considering me for this opportunity. Please let me know if there is any additional information or steps required from my end to proceed.

Best regards,