AMET error: Unknown column 'd.O3_8hrmax_ob' in 'field list'

Hi all,
I have successfully installed the AMETv1.5 but encountered the following error which is:
“Error in .local(conn, statement, …) :
could not run statement: Unknown column ‘d.O3_8hrmax_ob’ in ‘field list’
Error: $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
Execution halted”

Before posting this, I did notice that there was the same issue reported before (AMET AQ Example Error - #2 by lizadams). However, I am not clear on what means to re-run the load database steps, before running the analysis scripts. Does it mean that we should do “./aqProject_pre_and_post.csh >& log.populate” again after we download the AMET data?

Any clarifications would be helpful!
@lizadams @wyat.appel

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I have put the downloaded air quality data to the path of /home/kw/AMET_v15/obs/AQ/2016 and the combine file is placed on /home/kw/AMET_v15/model_data/AQ/aqExample .
The run_timeseries.csh file has been attached.
run_timeseries.csh (5.8 KB)