AMET v1.4 batch scripts (AQS Daily species)

This is table for aerosol parameter in obs files (AQS, CASTNET, CSN, and IMPROVE)

I am curious why AQS daily is not included as the network in Run_Spatial_Plots_All_Batch.R

  • Even AQS_daily has OC, EC, and other aerosols but purposely did not include them in Run_Scatter_Plots_All_Batch.R as well. Are there any reasons?

Good question. I wrote these batch scripts quite a while ago, before AQS was routinely and reliably storing speciated data. As those speciated data became more reliable over time in AQS, I added them along with the other already existing species (e.g., PM2.5, PM10). However, I’ve not gone back to update the batch scripts to include AQS_Daily (where appropriate).

The other thing to note is that the speciated data in AQS_Daily are the same speciated data that come from IMPROVE, CSN, CASTNET, etc. AQS is really just a database system to store and access those data. So, to avoid duplicated data in scatterplots and in the calculation of bulk statistics, I only plot/use the data from the “sub-network” (e.g., IMPROVE). But, for plots that treat each network separately, you could add AQS_Daily to the plot. Just keep in mind that you’ll be looking at duplicative data.

Let me know if that helps answer your question. Going forward, I may opt to just plot data from the aggregate data sources (e.g., AQS) instead of plotting the networks individually. However, since each network has its own nuisances, I prefer to keep the data separated by the base network.


Apologies. I included CASTNET in the list of networks with speciated data in AQS_Daily. However, CASTNET speciated data are weekly and therefore would not be included in the AQS_Daily data file.


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    • I know it is possible to compare 1 obs and 2 models.
      $scripts_analysis/AQ/input_files/AMET_batch_default.input (Line 112)
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  • It looks like possible in MET analysis with timeseries script.
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  2. db_Script.
    I have never seen this error while setting up database.

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