How can I draw those plot in AMET?

I saw the ppt of

I might need plots for different layers too but I was not able to find scripts for those plots. I may not know where it is.

The NOAA wind profiler network is still operational, but went through a period where many sites were discontinued because of funding and custodianship. Because it was so scattered, the matching was not implemented in the big shift from Perl to R matching code. But the Rawinsonde matching was enhanced with many different ways to evaluate the upper-air meteorology. So as of right now the plot for KGSO can be done using the run_raob.csh Native vertical plotting. And many other options. These require the matching_raob.csh to be done first. Feel free to ask questions if you have any problems.

Note also that we have plans to add the PAMS network that includes LIDAR PBL height and other measurements with more coverag across the US than the old NOAA wind profiler network that is mostly just located in California now.