An error occurred while running the prepmegan4cmaq_grwform.x

Dear all, When I input ./prepmegan4cmaq_grwform.x < prepmegan4cmaq.growthform.inp > grwform.log
under MEGAN preprocessor, there is no response, no error, and a log file is generated but it is blank. But other csv files can be generated normally. Why? I’m using MEGAN3.2.

The reaction after entering the command is as follows:
MEGAN32_Prep_Code_Jan_2022] ./prepmegan4cmaq_grwform.x < prepmegan4cmaq.growthform.inp > grwform.log MEGAN32_Prep_Code_Jan_2022]

I can’t reproduce this error. What domain are you creating inputs for? Can you share your GRIDDESC file?