Running MEGANv3.1 preprocessor (prepmegan4cmaq.grwform.x)

Dear all,

Here is a matter about MEGANv3.1 preprocessor really puzzled me.
I am trying to run ./prepmegan4cmaq.grwform.x < prepmegan4cmaq.27km.inp,
Here is error info.

convert_emissions: failed to read namelist; error = -1
STOP bio_emiss abort

Here is the prepmegan4cmaq.27km.inp.

start_lai_mnth = 7,
end_lai_mnth = 7,
wrffile = ‘/disk/r071/cliucv/megan_test/WRF_data/2020070112/wrfout_d01_2020-07-01_12_00_00’,
megan_dir = ‘/disk/r071/cliucv/megan_test/MEGAN_data’,
out_dir = ‘/disk/r071/cliucv/megan_test/MEGAN_Prep_Output’,
treefilename = ‘’
treevarname = ‘m20tree’
treefillvalue = ‘-128’
shrubfilename = ‘’
shrubvarname = ‘m204shrub’
treefillvalue = ‘-128’
grassfilename = ‘’
grassvarname = ‘m202grass’
treefillvalue = ‘-128’
cropfilename = ‘’
cropvarname = ‘m20crop’
treefillvalue = ‘-128’
x0 = 52,
y0 = 22,
ncolsin = 182,
nrowsin = 138,

I am sure that these growthform files are under the megan_dir directory. The wrfout file is under the directory and includes one hour information on July 1st, 2020.


> convert_emissions: failed to read namelist; error = -1
> STOP bio_emiss abort

This means that there is a formatting error somewhere in that namelist prepmegan4cmaq.27km.inp. Unfortunately, that error = -1 is not helpful. I suggest that you examine the namelist very carefully for commas, quotes, numbers of items in lists, and all that sort of thing.

Generally, it would be helpful to know what compiler was used to generate the executable: the error-numbers are compiler specific and sometimes difficult to interpret (particularly for gfortran, for which interpreting error numbers is an almost-impossible “read the compiler source” since gfortran errors are not properly documented.)
You might get better information if you re-compiled the executable using a compiler that generates better diagnostics – Intel ifort and Solaris sunf95 come to mind in that regard…