Can AMET be used to evaluate the WRF-Chem model output?

Hello, I’m starting to use the AMET system; I have got the step accoding to AMET/ at master · USEPA/AMET · GitHub, but I could not download the CMAQ test model data. So I could not run the CMAQ model data to test my installation. My last target is to use AMET to analyze the WRF-Chem model output, I want to know what I should do before I use the combine.ext to pre and post process the WRF-Chem model output? If I make sure WRF_Chem outputs have the variables needed by AMET, will the AMET can work for WRF_Chem?

The following conference paper outlines the steps that were taken to do this analysis.

Excerpt from above paper:

Conducted statistical analyses of the month-long WRF/Chem and WRF-driven CMAQ simulations using the Atmospheric Model Evaluation Tool (AMET; Gilliam et al., 2005; Appel and Gilliam, 2008). Additional steps were required to prepare WRF/Chem chemistry output for use by the CMAQ-centric AMET package:

8-h Maximum Averaged Ozone Statistics for August 2006

– extracted layer 1 of all gas and aerosol species fields;
– concatenated hourly extractions into daily files containing 25 times; – renamed species to match those used by CMAQ;
– converted these netCDF files into I/O API format using dpp tool;
– and generated METCRO3D files needed for AMET AQ module by running MCIP v3.4.1.1 on WRF/Chem meteorological output.

Thank you so much. It works perfectly.

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