Any wrong settings in calculating the ozone sensitivity to each hour's emission?


I am trying to calculate the sensitivity of ozone to the precursors’ emissions using the CMAQ-adjoint v5.0. My receptor region is defined as the country Phillippines. The sensitivity result of the first timestep (hour 24) seems to be normal mainly in the Phillipines. However, when the model runs backwards, the sensitivity moves to the overseas and the inland region does not contribute (hour 1). Since the Phillipines should be the main contributor to itself, the result doesn’t make sense. What could be the reason for this? If there are any wrong settings I did?


Thank you very much!
Hu Jie

@zhaoshunliu would you be able to help answer this question?

Hi Lizadams,

I already solved this problem. Thanks. (I set the flag to delete this post).