AREA input file


I am using SMOKE for 2015 Jan US 12km. I downloaded SMOKE from the 2015v7.1 (alpha) platform package and got some ERROR when running for ptfire sector. The log file said “input file not found: AREA” .smkreport_ptfire_2015fd_cb6_15j_inv.txt (2.9 KB) However, I was not able to locate the AREA file. Would so appreciate it if anyone can tell me what I missed or where these AREA files are located.


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Ptfire is a point sector, so it uses a PNTS file rather than an AREA file. This being a package there should be a set of REPCONFIGs included that start with “repconfig_point”. Change the REPCONFIG_INV environment variable in the run script to the packaged “repconfig_point_inv_” file and the REPCONFIG_GRID environment variable in the run script to the packaged “repconfig_point_invgrid”.

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As @eyth.alison pointed out, ptfire sector is point source. The error message you are getting is caused by the failing of Smkinven run which is the first program that processes the inventory files. You need to use the point source run script which set SMK_SOURCE “P”. Update your run script accordingly and rerun Smkinven and the rest of programs such as Spcmat, Grdmat, Temporal and Smkmerge.

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Thank you so much, Alison and BH. The problem was solved by changing the REPCONFIG_GRID and REPCONFIG_INV environment to the point. The default setting in the 2015 platform was “area”.