Issue with Elevpoint in ptfire sector- GENPTCEL error


I have an issue with processing “ptfire” sector. The error is in GENPTCEL subroutine when I run Elevpoint program. I am using NEI2011ek scripts with SMOKE3.7.

I am using ptfire scripts for Aug 2014 and prepared input fire data in PTINV and PTDAY format from a fire emission model. I created dummy fire data for days with no fire data and filled PTINV and PTDAY with fake data for those days. I also added one day spin-up data for July31 to to both files to process Aug. I also checked the lat-lon of fires and every day one fire exists in our modeling domain.

Based on SMOKE manual first four columns of PTDAY and PTINV should have same fire data so I used same information for both files for each day. I also added available pollutants from our fire emission model to PTDAY and their corresponding headers (FIPS,FIREID,LOCID,SCC) to both files. All programs in both “onetime” and “daily” scripts run fine, but Elevpoint runs for the first day and ends with following error. I couldn’t find a way to share my PTINV and PTDAY files here…

I would appreciate any suggestion and advice.

Thanks a lot,


Starting date and time 2014212:080000 (8:00:00 July 31, 2014)
Timestep 010000 (1:00:00 hh:mm:ss)
Maximum current record number 768
NOTE: Number of Sources in Daily File 330
INTERNAL ERROR: Number of cells in "GENPTCEL " are inconsistent with calling program
*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine GENPTCEL

This means you do not have any fire sources in your modeling domain. This could happen since fire emissions are daily inventory. If there is no fire occurred on that particular date in your modeling domain, you will run into this kind of error. I would suggest you to add a fake fire inventory source for julian date: 2014212.