Elevpoint error while running ptfire from EQUATES SMOKE input

Hi all,
I am trying to learn how to process fires with SMOKE. To do so, I am using ptfire inputs from 2019 EQUATES data. To be more precise I am using “ptinv_ptfire_FH_grassland_2019ge_23dec2021_v0” and “ptday_ptfire_FH_grassland_2019ge_23dec2021_v0” as my inputs. I have deleted all fires and kept only only one (which is attached here) in both files.
ptinv_ptfire_FH_grassland_2019ge_23dec2021_v0.csv (9.1 KB)
ptday_ptfire_FH_grassland_2019ge_23dec2021_v0.txt (6.6 KB)

I use the rest of the inputs from EQUATES ancillary data and meteorological inputs. When I run the case with DAY_SPECIFIC_YN set to Y, I get this error in smkinven:

     day  -specific input file is not provided by a list of files OR  
          files in list provided could not be found.
     *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine GETPDINFO
     Problem reading inventory file.

Here is the logfile for first case
smkinven_logfile.txt (34.6 KB)

When I set DAY_SPECIFIC_YN to N, I get this error in elevpoint program:

     Value for PROMPTFLAG:  N returning FALSE
     PDAY            :/share/fgarcia4/aghajar/SMOKE_Bluesky/equates_smoke_test/smoke_generated/inventory/wf_test/pday.point.wf_test.ncf
     >>--->> WARNING in subroutine OPEN3
     File not available.
     Could not open file "PDAY".
     *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine ELEVPOINT
     Could not open file "PDAY".

Does anyone know how I can solve this? The PDAY file isn’t generated during smkinven and I am not sure why. Thank you in advance.
I have attached the log files for the second case and the ASSIGN file, run script, and pelvconfig file as well.
smk_equates_test.txt.csh (9.6 KB)
smkinven.point.wf_test.txt (33.4 KB)
spcmat.point.wf_test.cmaq_cb06_soa.txt (34.9 KB)
temporal.point.wf_test.20190316.txt (54.8 KB)
grdmat.point.wf_test.us12-nc.txt (22.1 KB)
pelvconfig_ptfire_inline_pf31_03may2011_v1.txt (241 Bytes)
elevpoint.point.wf_test.txt (21.8 KB)
ASSIGNS.equates_fire.txt (24.4 KB)

When processing wildland fire with daily emissions smkinven is typically run twice: once for the annual inventory and once for the daily inventory. Each run requires different SMOKE parameters and inputs.

As a starting point for running the EQUATES fires I recommend downloading the smoke_core_EQUATES_2002_2017_01jun2021.zip script package from the SMOKE_PROGRAMS folder on the EQUATES Inventory Emissions Google Drive (SMOKE_PROGRAMS - Google Drive). Even though the scenario year differs the Annual_ptfire_onetime_12US1_EQUATES_2017.csh and Annual_ptfire_daily_rx_highactivity_12US1_EQUATES_2017.csh scripts under the EQUATES_2017 path have the correct parameters set. The scripts can be modified to use the 2019 inventory and ancillary files.

Alternatively, the 2019 emissions modeling platform FTP can be found by going to https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2019/. The 2019 platform SMOKE and script package, smoke_2019_platform_core_17mar2023.zip, also serves as a good starting point.