Benchmark simulation run time

I am trying to run the benchmark with default data ,and I was wandering how much time and memory it needs
I used following job script:
srun run_cctm_bench_2016_12SE1.csh

There is a table in the documentation that lists the run times for 4 processors and 32 processors, but not 16. The SE Domain benchmark runs for two days.

8 min/day (32); 47 min/day (4)

In my experience, on 16 processors, the run should take about 20 min/day.

Thank you Liz,
It is now running for 6 hours and still there is no result.
does that mean something is wrong and I install the model wrongly?

Hi Farzaneh,

Can you try following this tutorial to run CMAQ for the benchmark case:

Rather than submitting the script using srun, typically we submit the job using

sbatch run_cctm_bench_2016_12SE1.csh

  1. Please verify that you compiled the model to run using mpi.
  2. Check the values for NPCOL and NPROW in your run script.
    @ NPCOL = 4; @ NPROW = 4
  3. Verify that you see CTM_LOG files being created in the directory where you submitted the job from.

I installed it based on this tutorial.
I tried to use " sbatch run_cctm_bench_2016_12SE1.csh" with no job script but stopped with this error :
There are not enough slots available in the system to satisfy the 16
slots that were requested by the application:


Either request fewer slots for your application, or make more slots
available for use.
so I write this job script to ask it for free slot
#SBATCH --time=24:00:00
#SBATCH --nodes=4
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=8
#SBATCH --mem=20GB
srun run_cctm_Bench_2016_12SE1.csh | & tee cctm.log
but after 12 hours, it is still running with no result. I have no idea what is the problem .

You can try the following commands to learn more about the cpu resources available on your system.

scontrol show partition