Installing CMAQ on HPC

I am trying to install CMAQ on HPC cluster. I shift to tcsh shell script with srun --pty /bin/tcsh and then install Libraries and CMAQ.
I am so new with HPC and CMAQ .
as I try to run "./run_cctm_Bench_2016.csh in cctm script, It keeps giving me an error "srun: step creation still disabled, retrying(requested nodes are busy)
I am not sure what is this error about and is it caused by CMAQ or my HPC. Can you please help me

If you are using HPC, you will need to get to know the job submission commands for writing a submit.sub script for requesting the nodes. For details, you can jump to your institution’s HPC website for more information because various HPC has different set ups (scratch, srun, bsub, qsub, etc).