C-LINE model run failing when using certain loaded road sources

As the title says, when attempting to “start model run” after uploading specific road sources from my own files, I get a “there was a problem saving the model run” error and the run fails.

As far as I can tell, the input files are clean, but obviously something is awry. Other files of mine work perfectly fine. I have uploaded the csv’s here for reference.

For analysis parameters, I am doing

  • One hour concentrations
  • NOx, CO, and PM2.5
  • Dynamic range (on)
  • Met station = KATL
  • Neutral, summer, seasonal avg, weekday, am peak

Thanks everyone!


121_FultonB.csv (142.7 KB)
135_GwinnettA.csv (288.6 KB)
135_GwinnettD.csv (285.6 KB)

Looking through the error logs, the issue is the length of the “road name” value for a few sources. The road name for each source can’t be longer than 100 characters.

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