No Concentration Results when Downloading Analyses with Multiple Selected Pollutants (updated)

I’ve been choosing to run multiple pollutants at once when performing analyses for expediency’s sake but after doing that for a couple weeks I’ve realized that a lot of the downloaded folders don’t contain any concentration results- only receptor locations and the census block group shapefiles. I’ve also realized that these runs do not display at all when I try to visualize them on the C-LINE online tool. It would seem that there are truly no results produced, neither within the C-LINE web tool itself nor any downloaded folders.

My initial theory was that choosing multiple pollutants for a given analysis was causing the tool to not return any actual results, but that doesn’t seem to always be the case. Attached below is an example of a file that will run in C-LINE but won’t produce results, neither when I analyze only one pollutant at a time nor when I analyze multiple.
57_CherokeeA.csv (135.4 KB)

Thank you for any and all insight into this issue!

C-LINE model runs with no results are usually due to some kind of problem running the dispersion model. Last week, we discovered a system issue that was causing a good number of the dispersion model runs to fail; this was fixed on Thursday. Another type of problem is running out of memory due to the number of receptors and road sources to model.

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