Cannot find airport sector elevated emissions

I am curious about few things related to the ‘airport’ sector in NEI2016 emissions modeling platform. There is a folder ‘airport’ under premerged 2D emissions where as expected, daily 2D emissions files from airports are present for the year 2016. However, as per page 7 of, ‘Elevated sources are output to an inline point source file for input to CMAQ, and remaining sources are output to a 2-D gridded emissions file. Therefore, one must sum both files together to capture emissions from all airport sources.’ I am curious where I could find the inline emissions file related to ‘airport’ sector that capture the elevated emissions. Or is it included in some other sector inline emission file?

We have identified that the documentation is incorrect regarding the inclusion of elevated source emissions for airports. In 2016v1 and in earlier platforms, airport emissions are included in the inventory up to 3000’, but all of the emissions are placed into the model layer 1. So, in the 2016v1 platform, there are no elevated airport emissions. This is in contrast to the ptnonipm sector which does have elevated emissions. Thank you for pointing out this issue with the documentation.

Thanks! ‘Airports’ as a separate sector is actually missing in the NEI2016 modeling platform README file and in the TSD, so maybe that could be updated too.

I also had another question. I am also seeing updates to the four sectors - airports, cmv_c1c2, cmv_c3, ptegu - at epa ftp site ( and my understanding is that in the updates, to correct overestimation in those sectors, NEI2017 was used to back-project and replace the NEI2016 sectors which were previously updates to 2014NEI. I can find the 2016fi_16j files for the sectors ‘airports’ and ‘ptegu’ at, for example:

However, for the ‘cmv_c1c2’ and ‘cmv_c3’ sectors, I am seeing the same 2016fh_16j files and not 2016fi_16j files when unzipping the files at:

Should I just use these ‘cmv_’ sector files as updates ones?

Hi, we’ll look into where airports is missing. Can you clarify the TSD to which you are referring?

Yes, the original 2016v1 airports were based on the overstated 2017NEI airport emissions, so they were recomputed and posted.

Ptegu emission were corrected to address an issue with SMOKE that was causing dropped emissions.

The cmv_c1c2 and cmv_c3 files came out earlier during the winter and are just called fh.

Thanks. The TSD where ‘airports’ is not a sector is at I did not see ‘airports’ sector in Table 2-1. Platform sectors for the 2016 regional haze emissions modeling case.

I also saw few more issues with 2016 NEI modeling platform listed at where it is said that
(1) WRAP Oil and Gas Data for 2016 and 2023 are posted with 2016v1 on the IWDW release page (April 28, 2020). My question - is this data supposed to replace some of the oil and gas emissions already in the 2016NEI modeling platform?

(2) In the sector ptfire, there is an issue with acres burned missing for part of the Soberanes fire (Monterey County, California) on July 26th that caused about 1532 tons of PM2.5 and other pollutants to be left out. My question - I am thinking it is probably OK to ignore this if I am interested in monthly and yearly PM2.5 averages; is there a quick fix to this?

Thanks again!

Hi, you are talking about the beta version of the platform. I believe airports were split out as a separate sector in the v1 version only, not for the beta version. So that TSD is correct. Which version are you using for your work? FYI, the 2016v1 TSD was just posted yesterday:

The WRAP oil and gas data are provided as an option for users that would like another option. The emissions are different and developed with a different methodology for base and future years. Interested parties should review the documentation of how it was developed. It used activity from year 2014, for example. Documentation for WRAP oil gas and the Collaborative oil and gas inventories for 2016v1 is available here:

I’ll note there were other issues with the beta fires, but there is one known limited issue in the 2016v1 fires. If you are doing new work, you are better to use 2016v1 than beta.

The ‘airports’ and other emission sector files have the species ‘VOC_INV’:

        VOC_INV:long_name = "VOC_INV         " ;
        VOC_INV:units = "g/s             " ;
        VOC_INV:var_desc = "Model species VOC_INV 

Just curious what the species VOC_INV stands for in the 2016v1 emission sector files? What species does it map to in CMAQ?

It is the sum of all VOC species prior to conversion to TOG and speciation.

For information on the VOC species in CB6, see the TSD: