Surface level pt_oilgas emissions missing from 2016v1 google drive folder

I was downloading the 2016v1 platform 12US1 emissions files from google drive that are linked from the CMAS Data Warehouse ( and noticed that surface level emissions for the pt_oilgas sector are not there. I was wondering if these were inadvertently left out. If so, is it possible these could be uploaded?


I am not sure what files are missing.

The list files show what is available in each compressed archive.
Can you be more specific on what you are looking for?
There is both a tar.gz and a tar.gz.list file for the pt oil gas for premerged:

and for the inline:



I was looking for a file that I would expect to be named 2016fh_16j_premerged_12US1_pt_oilgas.tar.gz based on the naming convention of the rest of the files. I think that this file should have the low-level (emis_mole) pt_oilgas sector emissions. I believe these are different from the np_oilgas sector emissions.

I wound up just generating the emis_mole_pt_oilgas files with the platform, so I don’t need them anymore for myself. I guess others may want them in the future though.