Generate Air Emission Modeling data from NEI

Hi all,
Are there any tools to process NEI 2017 to generate the emismod data input for SMOKE?

I think the “Data Summaries” in 2017 National Emissions Inventory (NEI) Data | US EPA is consistent with data in But NEI 2017 data were split into different sectors for generating the “emismod” data. I got a modified version of NEI 2017 data, and I want to run SMOKE&CTM to see how the emission was changed. So I wondered how the NEI 2017 and emismod data connected? Is there any public tool to generate the emismod data from NEI 2017?

Thanks so much, and any suggestions are appreciated.

The posted emissions modeling platform does this. The scripts needed are included in the area that you pointed to a gaftp for 2017. The tools are here:

The technical support document under “supporting documentation” explains how it was broken into sectors and many of the unique modeling steps for each sector:

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Hi Alison, thanks so much for your quick response. I will check the files and tools out.

Hi Alison, Thanks so much for your reply. NEI is new to me, so correct me whatever I was wrong. I appreciate your help and explanations.
I read through the TSD under: 2017 Emissions Modeling Platform | US EPA but couldn’t find the scripts that can do the transform. I am sorry I didn’t explain enough, and I also noticed a typo of the web link in my original post, which was corrected now. Let me get it straight with an example of sector “airports”.
SMOKE requires EMISINV_B file of airports_2017NEIpost_POINT_20200618_22jun2020_nf_v1.csv, but NEI 2017 got point_12345.csv for Point ( Is there any way to generate airports_2017NEIpost_POINT_20200618_22jun2020_nf_v1.csv files from point_12345.csv, especially where can we find the processing scripts? Do the scripts open to the public? I got the original and modified version of point_12345.csv on hand and want to see the difference between the original and the newly generated airports_2017NEIpost_POINT_20200618_22jun2020_nf_v1.csv.

I’m not fully understanding your question. The airports inventories are provided here with other point inventories:

Are you trying to replace the airport inventory with another one? The airports in the modeling platform match what is published with the NEI for 2017.

Alison, thanks for your reply. Yes, I want to generate emission inventory for SMOKE from modified NEI data. I guess the current emismod data (link 1) is generated from NEI (Data Summaries in link 2).
link 2:

How did the Emissions Modeling Platform process the NEI data? And where can we find the processing scripts? Do the scripts open to the public? More specifically, how to allocate the “total emission” from NEI to monthly emissions for air pollution modeling?
Thanks so much.

Please read this file if you are interested in running SMOKE to make AQM-ready inputs:

It mentions:

  • contains scripts to run the core SMOKE

programs along with precompiled SMOKE executables from SMOKE version 4.7.

The scripts are in this file, which I mentioned to you previously:

This page includes a link to premerged SMOKE outputs on the CMAS data warehouse:

You could run with our data first, to check your work, and then try with your own inventory.

Hi Alison, I appreciate your help. I might not explain myself clear enough. I want to know how to generate inputs for SMOKE instead of running SMOKE for output. I think the technical support document you mentioned will be helpful, and I will get through it. Thanks so much.

Hi Alison, I just wondering where can I obtain those temporal profiles mentioned on page 54?
I found your slides online and want to do the temporal allocation. I can use the EMF to do the temporal allocation with NEI and temporal profiles, right?

Thanks so much.