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I just cloned the GitHub repository but there’s no

VERDI is distributed as a tar.gz package that depends on your operating system (MacOS, Windows, Linux). To obtain the package, please download it from the CMAS Center Website.

Hi @lizadams.
I don’t think that my first post was clear at all. There is no problem in installing VERDI from the package in some systems. However, I was also trying to install from source for non-traditional (for lack of a better word) systems. Here, it’s where I was running into several problems. It seems that is no longer available so I didn’t know how to proceed with the installation of JAI (and maybe Java 3D but not there yet). Do you have any suggestion on where to get the source code or installation packages for JAI and Java 3D? Thank you.

You can check the Developer Guide for VERDI, but the instructions may need to be updated.