CCTM error considering EMLAYS = 1

I ´m trying to observe if CCTM process my emission file generated in SMOKE. IN my case, I only work with surface emission layer, so I put CTM_PT3DEMIS with N in the CCTM script.
Algo, I added “C” to EMISS_DEFN.f file from 172 to 192 lines, because I wanted to set the value 1 to EMLAYS variable.
Then I ran CCTM and this log file was generated.

I don´t know how to observe the errors, because there is not error message at the end of the log file.

Could you please let me know how can I solve this ??


You have many lines of errors in your log file.
First, there are many species missing from your emissions file. Are your emissions speciated for the same mechanism for which the model is compiled?

Second, you are getting hundreds of errors related to photolysis:

G( L ) =          NaN resetting to  -9.9990E-01
1.1122E-02     Infinity   0.0000E+00          NaN   0.0000E+00
OM( L ) =          NaN resetting to G( L ) =          NaN resetting to  -9.9990E-01

I am not sure what is going wrong here, but once you have NaN and/or Infinity in your simulation, it is unlikely that anything useful or good will happen subsequently.

To debug one thing at a time, I recommend not modifying the source code until you are more familiar with the model’s normal operation, and even then only if necessary. I do not believe this is necessary or is causing you a problem, but if you want to specify the number of emissions layers, then add

setenv CTM_EMLAYS 1

in your run script.

Hello Chris again, and sorry for all the post in the last time.

Look, I did what you suggest (setenv CTM_EMLAYS 1) and it is working.
I´ll be in contact to inform the results.

Before I put (setenv CTM_EMLAYS “1” and did not work properly.

Thanks again