CCTM NSTEPS for long period (20 days)

Hi all!

I’m trying to run CCTM for a 20 days period and, looking at the script, I see the following:

set NSTEPS     = 240000            #> time duration (HHMMSS) for this run

and I wanted to know how I can configure this for a long run? If I set that value to:


hours (20 days) it doesn’t longer conform to the expected format (HHMMSS).

How can I configure this parameter for a long simulation?

Just put
set NSTEPS = 4800000

Don´t worry about if you insert another digit for HH. It will run for 20 days.
I ran 15 days using 3600000 and it finished successfully.

Hope this help you

ahhh perfect, thank you Ernesto!