Chemical mechanism of CCTM

Hi CMAQ users:

I am curious how CCTM is using the chemical mechanisms. I looked through the script “run_cctm.csh” (EPA’s open source code: It seems that only species lists (GC_$MECH.nml, AE_$MECH.nml, NR_$MECH.nml) and photolysis (CSQY_DATA_$MECH) are included in the script, while the reactions (RXNS_DATA_MODULE.F90 and RXN_FUNC_MODULE.F90) are not included.
Does anyone have time to solve my confusion?


The chemical mechanism data, and all the Fortran code files, are compiled into an executable using an Fortran compiler. This executable is what is pointed to in the run script ($BLD/$EXEC).

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