CMAQ-5.3 Basic issues

Dear CMAQ users,
I am a new user of CMAQ and recently installed CMAQ-5.3. I have a simple question of CMAQ-5.3. There are totally two directories: the downloaded directory, CMAQ_REPO and the installed directory, CMAQ-5.3. But i noticed that these two directories are different, there is no src directory under each of the module in the installed directory. So does this mean if i want to change something (e.g. add reactions ) i have to change the file under CMAQ_REPO and reinstall the whole model? Below are the pictures of directories under CMAQ_REPO/CCTM/ and CMAQ-5.3/CCTM/.

The CMAQ_REPO directory is a repository for the scripts and code that is intended to be preserved.

When you edit and run the following script: bldit_project.csh it creates a copy of what you need to the directory that you specify as CMAQ_HOME on line 20 of the bldit_project.csh, which I believe you are referring as the installed directory.

The src directory isn’t created until you run the bldit_cctm.csh script that is available in the $CMAQ_HOME/CCTM/scripts directory.

After you run the bldit_cctm.csh script, and if you want to change something in the source code, you should make modifications to the source code in the BLD directory that is created by the bldit_cctm.csh script.

After you edit the source code in the bldit directory, you should be able to compile your changes by running make using the Makefile that is in the BLD directory to generate a new executable.

If you wish to commit your changes to the git archive, you would then need to copy the new source code to the CMAQ_REPO directory.

Let me know if that helps you to understand how to make modifications to the source code for CMAQv5.3.

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Thanks very much for your help. I have run the bldit_cctm.csh under $CMAQ_HOME/CCTM/scripts/ and a directory named BLD_CCTM_v53_intel is created but there is no src directory created under $CMAQ_HOME/CCTM/. Does this mean installation failed?

No, the BLD directory is a single directory that has source-code and Makefile, and will contain object, (.o), module (.mod), and executable files after you run make.

I see what you mean. I have all .o and .mod and executable files in the BLD directory. So if i want to change the source code, i just need to change files under BLD directory and using the Makefile in the BLD to generate a new executable. Is this right?


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