CMAQ - Computing Emissions at Stations

How can I ask CMAQ to compute output at given points (say monitoring stations) in addition to the grid receptors?


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To generate data at specific locations while running CMAQ, you can use the VERTEXT option in the run script:

#> Vertical Extraction Options
setenv VERTEXT Y
setenv VERTEXT_COORD_PATH ${WORKDIR}/lonlat.csv

This will create vertical profiles of the species in the CCTM_CONC files at the location of the points specified in lonlat.csv.

After running CMAQ, you could also use a tool like writesite distributed with CMAQ to extract data from the gridded output files generated by CMAQ for locations of interest:


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Note that generally M3Tools program gridprobe can be used to do bilinear interpolation from a (time stepped) gridded I/O API file to a set of Lat-Lon specified points, with output either to an ASCII time series file or to an observations-format I/O API file, or both.

This will be very useful if you wish to examine meteorology at the sites also…

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