CMAQ-DDM5.4 simulation output is not resonable

I used the CMAQ-DDM5.4 to simulate a case. The spatial distribution was unreasonable. How to fix it ?

It is not clear what program or scripts that you are using to visualize your output. Have you tried to use VERDI? CMAS: Community Modeling and Analysis System or ncview Ncview | David W. Pierce, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

You need to provide way more details for anyone to be able to answer your question.

Also, and if you haven’t, I would recommend you read through the various documentation resources and tutorials that exist for CMAQ and then try to to reproduce the benchmark case that is provided to the public.


I used mimap in Meteoinfo to visualize the output.
Thanks for recommending the other visualization software, I will learn more about it later.

Thanks for your reply. This problem has been solved. It could be caused by insufficient computing memory. I reduced the dimensions of the simulation and then the output was reasonable.