CMAQ nested ERROR ABORT in subroutine retrieve_time_de on PE 000

CTM_LOG_000.v532_intel_2017js02_20170202.txt (75.1 KB)
ICON_v532_2016_BJM_regrid_20170202.txt (3.7 MB)
Hello,all CMAQ user.
I had used CMAQv5.3.2 to simulate a personal cases from 2017.2.2-2017.2.7,including three domains.
In second domain , icon,bcon is produced by in POST/combine/scripts/run_combine.csh file.
If you could some suggestions and solutions ,I would appreciate it.


Requested date & time: 2017032:235959
File starting date & time: 2017033:000000
File time step: 010000

 >>--->> WARNING in subroutine RDTFLAG
 Time step error for file:  INIT_CONC_1
 M3WARN:  DTBUF 23:59:59  Feb. 1, 2017  (2017032:235959)
 >>--->> WARNING in subroutine XTRACT3
 Time step not available for file:  INIT_CONC_1
 M3WARN:  DTBUF 23:59:59  Feb. 1, 2017  (2017032:235959)

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine retrieve_time_de on PE 000
 Could not extract INIT_CONC_1                              file

PM3EXIT: DTBUF 23:59:59 Feb. 1, 2017
Date and time 23:59:59 Feb. 1, 2017 (2017032:235959)


[ICON_v532_2016_BJM_regrid_20170202.txt|attachment](upload://dMujom4QPwXzuQ2oNK7NFd73Emn.txt) (3.7 MB)
[CTM_LOG_000.v532_intel_2017js02_20170202.txt|attachment](upload://j0aiDyk8HbVEsG7ThpW9FmWztRl.txt) (75.1 KB)
[run_cctm_js02.csh|attachment](upload://kqzj98WZjPFlEZPAOWcfId88RYR.csh) (34.7 KB)
[run_cctm_js02.csh|attachment](upload://kqzj98WZjPFlEZPAOWcfId88RYR.csh) (34.7 KB)

run_cctm_js02.csh (34.7 KB)

What are you doing requesting one second before GMT-midnight? Are you confusing 1 second with 1 hour in a time step somewhere?

Thanks for your reply.I have checked the time setting of the script about cctm and icon.The following pictures are corresponding.

The error message you are getting indicates you are looking for data one second before the first time step on the file. This data is not available, so the program aborts. The question is why the program is looking for data with this time stamp, or possibly why it is giving an incorrect error message.

In the default configuration provided in the CCTM run script, the ACONC file contains layer 1 only. If you then use the COMBINE program on the ACONC files and use that to generate your ICON and BCON files, you will not have sufficient data to run the nested domain.
The ICON log file you uploaded appears to be binary. I am unable to read it.

I’m sorry to see your reply so late, and I have updated the icon file. Look forward to your valuable suggestions

icon.txt (24.1 KB)

I still don’t know why the program is looking for a time one second before midnight. That is the ultimate cause of your error.
I have a few general suggestions:

  1. Since you seem to be starting a new project, upgrade to the latest version of CMAQ. You are using v5.3.2, which is now two years old.
  2. I recommend starting with the benchmark case, to be sure that CMAQ is working correctly on your system. Check your outputs against those provided by CMAS.
  3. Check the outputs and logs of the coarse domain simulation. Did that run to completion and obtain reasonable results?
  4. If you want to run a nested case, the simulation on the parent domain should output the most important species for all vertical layers. You then use those to generate initial and especially boundary conditions. Your ICON log file indicates you have used the ACONC file from layer 1 only to generate ICs and BCs. Your domain is quite small geographically, at only 13x13 columns and rows, which perhaps mitigates the error in neglecting species aloft, but in general this is not the recommended way to run the model.

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I will check my mistakes according to these.