CMAQ-ready SMOKE-processed NEI2014 emissions

I am looking to test run CMAQ with varying combinations of nodes/CPUs on a computing cluster for a grant proposal with an upcoming deadline, so I was seeking a month of SMOKE-processed emissions ready for CMAQ. I was wondering if it is possible to get a month (any month) of NEI2014 emissions for my test run of CMAQ for the contiguous US. Later, for the actual CMAQ simulations, I will be processing NEI2014 emissions in SMOKE but for now due to time constraints, I am hoping to speed up the test runs with CMAQ-ready NEI2014 emissions for CONUS. Would @bbaek @eyth.alison @tlspero @Havala.Pye possibly have it? Thanks!

Yes. CMAS Data Warehouse posted the entire 2014 CMAQ-ready gridded spectated hourly emissions for the community. You can find the details from the CMAS Data Warehouse.

BH Baek

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2014 emissions are available through the CMAS data warehouse:


Thanks for the links! Is there a GRIDDESC file for these CMAQ-ready emissions? Looks like they are processed for ‘12US2’ grid, but I am unsure if ‘12US2’ is a universal grid across all literature/research-work? One description I found for ‘12US2’ grid is available at shown below:

Is the content highlighted in yellow a universally constant description of ‘12US2’ grid for a 12km US domain? If so, I will use it in GRIDDESC for the readymade emissions. Thanks!

12US2 is available as part of any of the EPA emissions modeling platforms. Here is the zip that contains the GRIDDESC for the 2016 beta platform, but it hasn’t changed in years:

Using the CMAQ-ready SMOKE-processed 2014 emissions (for 12US2 grid and cb6 mechanism), I tried to run CMAQ and got some errors related to surrogate species that I was not sure how to tackle:

Looks like a mismatch of species somewhere?

I believe this error message is related to the CMAQ Bi-di NH3. Please create a ticket under CMAQ category.