CMAQ v5.3.3 combine installation

How can I correct this error?
I just used ran combine_script with this error
I was able to get PM variables but was not able to open output file


This is my library settings

Could you please clarify if you’re trying to run the bldit_combine.csh or the run_combine.csh script when you are encountering errors? Two of your screenshots were taken during the build process but I do not see any errors during those sections of the build process you posted.

Does the bldit_combine.csh script create an executable in your BLD directory? If it does and you’re then running run_combine.csh but you’re not obtaining the outputs you are expecting, please post your run_combine.csh run script, the species definition file specified in that run script, and the entire screen output (or log file if redirecting your screen output) generated when running the script.