CMAQ2CAMx for 2D Emissions Files - Area vs Point Output

Hello Forum,

I am processing EPA’s 2016v2 merged 2D gridded emissions files (emis_mole_all_[YYYYMMDD]12US2_withbeis_withrwc[CASE].ncf) for use in a CAMx run.

Since this is a 2D dataset, how does CMAQ2CAMx handle area versus point sources? The precompiled version of this tool (available in the 2016v2 package from EPA) does not generate a “point” emissions file using the cmaq2uam executable, but does generate point source emissions using the cmaq2uam-conv2dsat executable. Does anyone know what the difference is between the area and point source emissions files generated from this executable? Do I need to include both of these emission data-sets to capture all emissions within the “emis_mole_all*.ncf” file?

Thanks for any hints!