Cmaq53 benchmark on zero out pcSOA for fires and RWC

I have a question on cmaq53 benchmark case (two week case for 2016_12SE1) in the area of zeroing out pcSOA for fires and RWC.

From lines 255 to 260 of EmissCtrl_cb6r3_ae7_aq.nml, those streams are called PT_FIRES, PT_RXFIRES, PT_AGFIRES, PT_OTHFIRES, PT_FIRES_MXCA and GR_RES_FIRES. However, in script, they are called POINT_FIRES, POINT_AGFIRES, POINT_OTHFIRES and GRIDDED_RWC. Should they match in order to get turn off? Thanks.


Hi Winston,
Thanks so much for your report here. You point out a really important issue, and one that I fear I have made somewhat confusing:

You are correct that the Stream names should match exactly (case does not matter) between the run script and the emission control file. It is our mistake that they don’t match for the benchmark run.

Incidentally, all of those Rules involving the various types of FIRES are not necessary; they are there as examples if you happen to have multiple fire types. You may comment them out with no effect on results. You may also leave them in since CMAQ will print a warning and move on if it doesn’t recognize a stream name that you given it.


Hi Ben,

 Thanks for the help!