Combine only output 1 layer

Dear all,

I’m using CMAQ-combine to process CMAQ output files, but I only got 1 layer.
How can combine output all layers?


Hi Yunqing,

The layer(s) combined is controlled in the species definition file provided with Combine. At the top of your species definition file you should see something like this:

!#start YYYYJJJ 010000
!#end YYYYJJJ 000000
#layer 1

I believe if you change
#layer 1


!#layer 1

Combine will process all the layers. Please let me know if that works for you.



Yes, Wyat is correct. In addition, please note that if you want to output the species defined in the SpecDef file for all layers, all the input file(s) referenced in the species equations need to have the same number of layers for meaningful output to be computed.

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Dear Wyat,

Yes, it works! Thank you for the reply!


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